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  • Last name: Wench

    A conversation about the origin of my name lead to all the roomies sitting around my computer looking up our birth given names. The names, meanings, and personalities actually kinda work out. Roomie #1: winner/conqueror, basically the bad-ass in the house. Yeah, that I believe. I would not be surprised if we all lost our […]

    Sunday 28th January 2007 - 3:50:51 PM | Comment

  • i write english good

    Oh the joys of working through the UC system. Today I took my upper division English comp exam and I’m sure that anyone who knows me is positive that I took it just for fun, but surprisingly no. It’s just another thing I needed to do to graduate. I actually kinda liked my essay for […]

    Saturday 27th January 2007 - 8:04:53 PM | Comment (1)

  • The band waggon is a comin’

    Speedy Gonzalez ain’t got nothin’ on Busted Tees. That sketch is like two weeks old. I wanna know where this shirt is: Or a shirt that says “Shot thru the heart” on the front and “Yeah, and we missed Felicity” on the back. Something a real fan could wear. That’s right. I liked SNL before […]

    Tuesday 2nd January 2007 - 12:35:52 AM | Comments (2)