Last name: Wench

Sunday 28th January 2007 - 3:50:51 PM

A conversation about the origin of my name lead to all the roomies sitting around my computer looking up our birth given names. The names, meanings, and personalities actually kinda work out.

Roomie #1: winner/conqueror, basically the bad-ass in the house. Yeah, that I believe. I would not be surprised if we all lost our heads for being too loud during finals time.

Roomie #2: Lily/yew, basically nature. I also believe that works. I’ve never had someone consistently glare at me for throwing away food…no matter what color the mold on it was.

Roomie #3: Laurel/God is gracious, basically, uh, I don’t know. She’s kinda a hippie and goes to chruch. Close enough.

And me: Island of the ships/pearl….heck yeah! I’m a pirate movie! 🙂

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