So close yet so far

Monday 7th May 2007 - 2:20:01 PM

Me: Hey, remember how I wanted to graduate this year?
Roomie: Yeah.
Me: Yeah…I still want that.
Roomie: Really? I never would have guessed. Though I guess there were clues.
Like the fact that you’ve been talking about graduating since last year, you totally gave up any fun for this entire year, and ignoring any and all negativity from advisors and friends.
Me: You mean them telling me to take summer school and stuff?
Roomie (using a funny voice): Stop trying to graduate Kelsey Wagner!
Me: Oh no. They’ve never used my full name before. Maybe I should serisouly reconsider…

Days til…

UT Tech starts ~9
Lauren’s burfday ~11
Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End ~18
Closing of my last college show ever ~27
Last day of classes evah* ~30
Last college final EVAH* ~37
Mom’s burfday ~39
Bro’s commencement ~40
Aunt Young’s burfay ~40
My commencement ~41
Father’s day ~41
Go to Washington ~47
Start work ~48
Karen’s burfday ~54
Brian’s burfday ~56
HP and the Order of the Phoenix ~67
Dad’s burfday ~68
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows ~75
…and then pretty much reason for living stops

*in a perfect world


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  1. Comandant

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