Friday 30th January 2004 - 7:22:51 PM

School today was like any other school day, that is, until 5th period. I have drama 5th and today we had a sub. Now first off, having a sub in a drama class is never a good thing. The plan was to just spend class watching a movie, but that never happened. Daniel has a watch that is a universal remote control and he started playing with the movie, rewinding, fast forwarding, stopping, etc. Almost everyone in the class knew what was going on but still decided to play along offering to help “fix” the VCR. “Don’t worry, I can fix it, my dad is a mechanic” Noah said that, silly for two reasons 1) it’s his dad not him that fixes things and 2) mechanics don’t fix VCRs. After the sub finally just unplugged the TV completely, the class found new ways to ruin that poor, poor man. The lights ended up being turned off three times, and mind you there are no windows in the drama room, making it pitch black. While the lights were out the first two times the class just ran a muck, hiding in the closets, screaming, etc. But the third time, we all on cue started clapping, and I’m talking full fledged applause here, until the sub flipped the lights back on and we all stopped clapping at exactly the same time, and posing as though nothing had happened. Needless to say the on-campus police were sent to our room, and later Mr. Jackson came in. We received a stern cautioning from Mr. J, who basically asked us to just be quiet and behave for the last five minutes remaining in class, which we did. Next period I had spanish, and I don’t think that that class had ever spoken so much spanish, had so much fun, and behaved so well. It was really weird to go from the most disrespectful class ever to the most respectful class ever. Both classes we alot of fun though.
After school I had CSz practice, it was normal. Matt stopped by, interrupted things as usual, but had no backup this time so it wasn’t that bad. I’m really impressed by the newbies though. Whenever the veterans stop by, the newbies seem unfazed. I may start to give up on keeping the momentum we had before they arrived, but the newbies always assure me that they are still listening, still want to play and still want to finish practice as though the veterans aren’t there. They are very dedicated.
So now I’m home, watching The Mole with my dad. There are only four people left and three more episodes to go. I will leave you now with a quote that I heard during physics class while we were playing with radios (we’re learning about waves): “It all comes down to the fact that a millionaire just doesn’t want to be yelled at.”

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  1. Red/Brian

    That’s some funny stuff. Subbing a drama class would be ridiculous. The whole class literally used it as an improv exercise. That’s ok I guess, cause subs aren’t people.

    Comment left on February 1, 2004 @ 10:55 am

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