We’re gonna party like it’s my birthday…

Sunday 15th February 2004 - 11:15:47 AM

But oh wait, it IS my birthday!!!! WEEEE!!!! So I’m finally eighteen. Not that big of a deal really, but I’m still excited. I get to call myself in sick for school now (Muahaha) and go to the mid-night show at CSz, big feat actually, I’ve been wanting to see it for a while now. We’re gonna party like it’s my birthday, and drink a non-alcoholic drink like it’s my birthday. Can I get a whoop-whoop! Hehe. Although, not everyone will be able to celebrate with me today, like my brother, though he IS still celebrating down in LA:
Me: what you doing to celebrate my birthday?
Bri: I?m planning to go to work
Bri: so I can slowly earn the money to buy you an island
Bri: maybe Haiti
I’ll miss him, but I THINK the gift makes up for it. Hehehe.
Alrighty, so back to yesterday, Valentines day. My audition went good. They really give you no idea, not even an inkling, about how you did. But I felt good after it all was over, so that’s good. I waited four hours to actually audition for ten minutes. But whatever, it’s all good in the neighborhood. Some of the kids seemed pretty cool. There were only about fifty there though, that surprised me. One of the kids knew zip-zap-zop, and got a bunch of kids to play, it was fun, I just thought it was silly that he knew about it. After that I went to CSz Battle of the Sexes with Karen and Adrian. I had a whole bunch of fun. It was a good show. One of the girls had gotten hurt apparently in the first show so they had a guy with a wig on playing on the girls team, I hella called it, and it was hilarious. But the boys cheated and won at the end. They ended with story, and it got down to two people one guy and the guy in the wig. And when the ref stopped pointing at the guy in the wig he said “why don’t I just keep talking…cause GUYS RULE!!!!!!” And then he ripped off his wig. Cheaters, but funny cheaters. So yup, I guess that’s about it. I?m gonna go get ready to have lunch with Megan and go to a movie with my parents. We’re gonna party like it’s my birthday…

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