Woo, I’m 18!!

Thursday 19th February 2004 - 9:37:21 PM

Alrighty so today was a big day. I did my first “woo! Look at me I’m 18!!” thing. Nope, no porn, no cigarettes, I bought spray paint. Woo woo!!! Let the wild times roll! Hehehe. I didn’t even know you had to be 18 to buy that stuff. I had english practice today, and go us, we actually accomplished some stuff today. Went to Michaels for supplies for the scenery with Ashanti and Eric. Ashanti isn’t 18 yet, and Eric forgot his ID, so go me, I had my ID and I’m 18. The guy did a double take on my ID though, had to check his watch to see the date, I guess he hadn’t gotten the memo about my birthday *shrug* So that was fun. I dropped off a few job applications today. Thought about the middle school’s musical. I think I’ll choreograph Shipoopi, and not just cause it has a funny name. I really wish I could help them more, I’d rather spend time on that then our show. Oh well. I was also thinking about 76 Trombones, big number, it would take a hard number away from their teacher. I’d take both (and Pick-A-Little too hehe) I have the time to make up the dances, just not enough to teach them to the kids. Oh well. I have to decide absolutely, 100%, for sure, by monday, so that should be fun. I also picked my stocks for government today too. In an ingenious way might I add. I threw darts at the business section. Hehe. Darts are fun, I think I might try and play more often. Oh, I watched the final episode of the mole, number 7 was the key. Fooled my dad though, I was right, but changed my guess last second, darn, oh well. It was a good season, not as good as last year’s. I hope they have it again next year but with regular people, and Stephen Baldwin as the host, hehe, he’s awesome. I’ll miss Corbin too; Stephen will show up every now and again, but probably not Corbin. If they don’t have another season of the Amazing Race, then my watching of reality TV is over. Hmmm…let’s see, anything else I can add about my humdrum life? Don’t think so. Though I will admit, I seem to be lacking in the comment department. *hint*hint*nudge*nudge* I’ll even give you a topic..what’s the first thing you did as an official 18 yr old? Hmmm…I’ll end with another funny away message; this one is an auto response from Michael: Learning to be funny is hard…no joke!


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  1. Eugeniusz

    Tanya – Just had to let you know that I finished “Pride and Prejudice and Zombies” if you haven’t read this yet – you need to. I was laghniug out loud! ~Ann

    Comment left on December 16, 2015 @ 11:55 pm

  2. http://www.kreditkarten.tech/

    thanks guys! :)Peapod – yes! I've seen that Lauri bit over and over and i love it. very inspirational. I watch that movie VERY often, while i am working, for background, but with the commentary on. The commentary is hilarious.

    Comment left on October 22, 2016 @ 8:02 am

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