Yesterday, YAY

Saturday 28th February 2004 - 5:10:57 PM

Yesterday YAY, today blah. So yesterday was a pretty darn good day. First thing that really set the day apart was that I had gotten some extra sleep and had some extra energy. I was just in a plain good mood. Had “Love will keep us together” stuck in my head all day. We had sung it in spanish the day before.
“Love, love will keep us together
Think of me babe whenever
Some sweet talkin’ girl comes along
Singin’ her song
Don’t mess around you gotta be strong
Just stop
Cause I really love ya
I’ll be thinkin’ of ya
Look in my heart and let love keep us together”
That’s a good song. Let’s see, what else? Had to miss the rally because the band was playing for the visiting middle schools, we played pretty well, but I wish it wouldnt’ve interfered with the rally. Also had to miss my english class, where the second group was performing the second half of Oedipus the King. Wish I could have seen that as well, but oh well. After school had CSz practice. We did fine, but I played not so well. I just couldn’t get any words out of my mouth. For example I said “fug newton” instead of fig newton, and there was worse, so much worse. Kept saying “decided to” which I thought was a habit I had broken a long time ago, apparently I’ll have to go through the 12 step program again. I guess it’s partly because I ref alot in practice now, I’m pretty good at reffing, though I haven’t played in forever and a day, so it kind of set me back. Z had the best joke of the day though. It’s so simple, yet so funny. 185 cars walk into a bar and the bartender says “I’m sorry we don’t serve cars here” and the cars say “why?” and the bartender says “because theres simply not enough VRROOOMMM!!!!” Hahaha! I think the look on his face helped too, hehehe. Kudos Z! So after practice went home, ate some food, watched some Full House and then got ready for sadies. The dance was alot of fun. I had a blast. I liked how everyone matched, B Pizzle and Christina had the best belts though, they were in the shape of old Nintendo controllers. Of course Adrian and I looked fantastic. From the cone, to the “you got served”, to the “dance machine” on the back of his jersey (shoot, everyone knows I’m Kelcium, that’s not new) Just spent the night boogying the night away. Saw a bunch of people, good times. Man Ryan is one of the best *cough*and whitest*cough* dancers ever! He just never stops. After the dance I just went home. I wanted to go out, but it seemed like everyone was coupling off, and Adrian had to go home. Turns out I was wrong and the hot spot was Denny’s, but oh well. My first sadies turned out good overall. It felt really, really short, and I wish I had gone all four years, but it’s alittle late now. A couple of “shout-outs”; thanks Adrian for going with me! I hope you had as much fun as I did! BTW: you got served. Thanks Andrew and Sarah for after the dance, even though I didn’t go w/ you guys. Thanks Ryan, and Ryan’s date (Melissa?), and Brian, and Daniel, and everybody else, you guys made it so much fun. And oh, the music wasn’t that bad, I knew about 3 songs total, well, 3 plus “Ice, ice baby” Hehehe.
And now today, it just seems slightly boring in comparison. Got up late, showered about 2 in the afternoon, went job hunting, gonna go baby-sit in like twenty minutes, where I’m gonna go read a book (thank you Brian!). Won’t get home til about 9ish, and it’ll be too late to call anyone and make plans and do something, so I’ll just stay home and watch SNL, which I have no problem with (except that it’s a rerun, Jennifer Aniston). Alrighty, off to baby-sit! Cya.

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