Chocolate bar! Hahaha

Tuesday 9th March 2004 - 5:46:57 PM

So let’s back up alittle to Sunday. Sunday was a good lazy day, fun stuff. Hung out with Karen, we got Jamba Juice and did cartwheels in the park, I got jumped on by two muddy puppies, but how could I get mad? They were cute puppies. So that was my sunday, good friend, good juice, good times. Really loving the weather, makes me want to go camping or something. So Monday at school was for no particular reason EXTREMELY boring. Dance was also lazy, only half my class showed up for jazz so we didn’t do anything really full out, and since that was my first class for the day, it kind of set the mood. Still had fun though. Today was better than yesterday, slightly more entertaining, again for no particular reason. Oh, and monday I had my group job interview for Jamba Juice, it went fine, I think they’ll call me back for another interview. I wore my funny hat and told my joke, so if I get the job I can thank Brandon and Z, Brandon for the hat and Z for the joke. Hehehe. Nothing really exciting has been going on. I’ve been missing my friends more and more lately. Especially Michael and DeeDee. I have friends at school but no one to really connect with like I did with them. Plus Karen I only get to see every once in a while cause we’re both so busy. There are some people that I wish I could hang out with more, but they don’t exactly live close either so that doesn’t work. I know I have friends whom I’ve known since forever and a day that if I ever really needed them they’d be there for me and visa-versa and I do have people that I hang out with at school, but they just aren’t the same. There are some people the I’m hanging out with alittle bit this year that I just wish I has gotten to know them earlier, just because they seem really cool, but any time we spend together is still just getting to know each other not just hanging out casually. But then I think about next year when I’m gonna have to make new friends again anywayz. College, wow, I can’t believe it’s finally here. Should be fun though, people are so interesting to get to know. BTW: I’m not looking for pity or friendship, it was just something that was going through my head. Here’s another thing that was going through my head, 185 Hersheys walk into a chocolate bar!
My mom bought new toaster tongs today…oh yeah…the little inverntions in life that amuse people like, well, me!

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  1. Red/Brian

    What was your joke?

    Comment left on March 9, 2004 @ 7:09 pm

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