Tuesday 30th March 2004 - 9:39:25 PM

   Well, it’s getting hard to deny now, I’m sick. Heh, like anyone hadn’t noticed my froggy voice and my coughs that sound like a dying horse. Feeling icky is never good, though it did get me out of a econ presentation (that I was fully prepared for mind you). I was barely through the first sentence when my teacher said “how about you just go on thursday”. Works for me! Hehe. My cough decided to really kick in at an inappropriate time though, right in the middle of the musical. I just hope I didn’t bother the teachers watching, let alone the performers. Had fun hanging out before we got started today. Played some swords of death, saw Timmy’s rear-end…a few times, Brandon and Eric attacked me with some blush and Eric’s foundation, and wore a shirt that was three times too big for me. Good times. I even snuck into group prayer for a little, hehe. Overall it was a good show. I love it when the teachers watch. They’re almost like parents, so proud no matter how you did. Especially the foreign languages teachers, Senora Diaz always seems like she was moved to tears by your performance, which makes you feel plain ‘ole fantastic, and then gives you a big hug.
   So besides the musical, I barely remember what happened during school once its over, so I’ll just assume that’s all going good, hehe. I’ve missed a bunch of dance classes for band, the musical, and because I’m sick, I really need to get back to class. Comedy Sportz isn’t really on hold, it’s just moving like on slo-mo right now. Things are going good right now though, there isn’t really anything to complain about. I’m enjoying people, talking and hanging out. I feel involved and loved, it’s a good thing. Graduating is going to be hard. Alrighty, I’m gonna get out of here before I go off on another tangent. I just want you guys to know, I’m glad I got to know all of you, you’re good people, and I’m better for knowing you. *muah!*

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  1. Morad

    It was very early, but VERY worth it. My children loved it. They even liked the jonuery there and back on the train! Mine liked the electric guitars too and a couple of groups even found out how to play part of titanic on it although no one incorporated it into their tune. They were all very good too. They made me very proud. Isn’t it fantastic to work in a school where you enjoy taking the chidlren on trips and can be SO proud of their behaviour. I think we are very lucky.

    Comment left on December 17, 2015 @ 12:53 am

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