I smell like sherbet

Sunday 14th March 2004 - 8:51:13 PM

   So Friday was good, everyday should only contain two classes. The rest of the day, drama showcase. Definitely good times. Performed First Wives Club three out of four times. First time, I slapped Christi way too hard, sorry Christi!!! Second time went fine, third time we lost our golden globe so just grabbed some water bottle that was laying around, big mistake. When I threw it on the ground, the thing exploded! Soaking three people in our audience, sorry audience! We were just trying to hold ion the laughter til the end of the scene, good times. Only had to perform Batman once. Did the Pretty Woman scene with Becky, good times. Good job staying on your toes Becky! (I jumbled up the order of some of the lines, not like anyone noticed) Ozzie’s salty-twisty-bobcat-pretzel monologue went over very well, along with Daniel’s LOTR and Full Metal Jacket, and Brian’s ‘O’ monologue, those were the ones to see if you missed it. Overall, I think this showcase contained the most throwing of things, cussing, and most fun of any of the others. Good times.
   After school Friday, had a very interesting CSz practice, I think just too many of us were tired from the showcase, but it was still fun. I left early to go to job training where I learned the basic rules of Jamba and made my first smoothie ever, Peach Pleasure, my favorite. Saturday, more job training, made more smoothies, but this time not just for me, for other people! Sorry to all the people whose orders I must have screwed up with out even realizing. There is so much more pressure when the smoothie isn’t for you, it’s for someone who paid money for the smoothie and is going to be pissed if it was done wrong. Oh well.
   Saturday night went to a color guard competition with Adrian. James Logan one of the obvious choices of schools reigning above the rest. They had two groups perform, one who was very good, and the other one whom appeared to be egotistical but rightfully so. They were introduced as James Logan World and their theme was James Loganation, as where everyone else’s was some thing like for example ‘chemistry’. Some of the other performances that were enjoyable was one that was younger kids that color guarded (well, the didn’t dance or march, I guess maybe they performed?) to Tarzan, Independence did a good job, had plenty of interesting props, and this college group that color guarded to Latin themed music from a couple of different movies. There were some funny lyrics in there, it was great. Saturday late night, watched SNL, good episode too. As my brother said “it was all killer, with no filler”. I don’t think Ben Affleck got through a single skit without laughing, but his constant laughter wasn’t annoying, it was just him having a good time, which made you have a good time too.
   Then there is today, I had more job training, I’m getting better at making the smoothies, now I just have to get use to dealing with customers. While working the cash register, I met my favorite customer and least favorite customer of the day. My least favorite was a guy who had never been to Jamba Juice before and thought we served frozen yogurt. My favorite customer was this gay guy who basically just thought it was so cute that I was trying so hard, he was patient and tipped, definitely my favorite. And back to school tomorrow, I’d be excited, but I have to go to more than two classes tomorrow, not my ideal day. Alrighty well, TTFN, ta-ta for now!

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