Let’s start with friday

Sunday 7th March 2004 - 10:59:16 AM

Let’s start with friday, the comedy sportz castro show was a good one. They have some funny new people and a new stage. It was a good show but not great. I think it was really that we were expecting a fantastic show, our expectations were too high, but whatever I still had a good time. Saw a few old friends; James, that’s always good, didn’t get to talk to him as much as I wanted but its all good. Saw Mike, he’s one funny kiddo, pretty cool too. And let’s see, who else did I see? Hmmm..oh yeah….MY BROTHER!!!! Thats right! My brother! The one who lives in LA! (what other one is there?) He came up to surprise me! I felt so special! It had been the first time since freshman that he had seen me perform. So that was ultra cool. Heaven and Cantie performed in their first show, did great jobs. I think Matt and Neil had the best time though. I guess that is about it, I can’t really remember much else, probably should have updated sooner. Saturday, hung out with my brother. Realized how much I like having him around…and how spoiled I’ve gotten by being the only child in the house. Yesterday, I had to defend my spot at the dinner table, fight for a good seat in front of the TV, wrestle over the controller, and give up my bed. Its worth it though… Anywayz…Monday I have a Jamba Juice job interview, fun. Had a fight with a friend. Watched SNL. Why does this weekend seem so sketchy in my mind? I’m just remembering tidbits from the events of the weekend. It’s such a nice day out today. I can feel it…summer…it’s coming, oh yeah. Jello pudding on friday, also a CSz match, we’re not playing, but I think I wanna go watch. Alrighty, that’s enough sitting at the computer for now. Here’s a quote I heard this weekend; “No man is your friend, no man is your foe, but every man is your teacher.”

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