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Sunday 28th March 2004 - 9:57:41 PM

I had a pretty good weekend. Saturday after I had gotten my hair done Carol and Sarah came over and we all tried on our prom dresses, because we hadn’t seen eachother’s yet, and had a mini fashion show. It was lots of fun. Both of them have really great dresses! Then since my hair was done, I decided to dress up for the musical that night, so I made both of them dress up too. I don’t think there have been three sexier orchestra players ever! Hehe. The musical is just getting better and better. Saturday was a great show. It still had it’s bumps, but it’s getting there.
Sunday I had my first official day at the Jamba Juice I will be working at. It was a LONG seven hours. The people all seem nice. It was a really, really busy day though. No one had time to show me where anything was so I felt kind of lost all day, oh well. They keep scheduling me for times I can’t work, it’s slightly annoying. Especially since I don’t really know the proper way to deal with it. I really don’t have much more to talk about. So I guess I’ll stop…now.

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