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Sunday 4th April 2004 - 3:45:46 PM

   Ok people, you’re in for a long read, so grab yourself some water and a snack and sit yourself down in a comfortable chair. Ok, so I’ll start off with Thursday. Morning kids show was awesome! We got a mini standing ovation, cause I mean they stood up but they are still only yay high, it was good stuff. Thursday night show, had a good sized audience, everyone’s energy was up, and one of my friends came to watch me play in the pit, I felt special, he even gave me a flower after the show. Friday’s show was even better than any of our other shows! I can’t really remember any specific details right now, the shows seem to run together. Oh! But I did get to do group prayer on Friday, I was really glad I did that. After the show I went to Denny’s with Eric. I had so much fun talking to him, I wish I had gotten to know him way earlier, it was interesting to hear his side of the story. Ok, so there is a very quick review of the past two days.
   Ok, so now on to Saturday! Alrighty, now Saturday didn’t exactly get off to a great start. When I woke up, I couldn’t open my eyes. I have pink eye and the gunk had dried over night and kind of glued my eyes shut. So I went to the doctor and got eye drops and what not, and it turns out pink eye isn’t even as contagious as a everyday cold is. I can be in the same room with a person all day and they won’t catch pink eye, but if I poke my eye and then poke their eye, well then yeah, they are going to get it. So that’s why I kept saying don’t touch my hands, just in case I had rubbed my eye I didn’t want to touch anyone’s hands. See how much I love you people?! Hehe. Which also explains why I was wearing my glasses all day, as sort of a reminder to myself not to touch my eyes. Not to mention I knew everyone would be crying and wiping their eyes, it was almost a guarantee that everyone would be touching their eyes, great timing for pink eye right? So after finding out about the pink eye and before I left for the show, I watched alittle 42nd Street with Adrian, where we decided that I was like Left Eye and Pink combined, so that my stage name should be Pink Eye, or Left Pink, whatevuah, hehe. Good times.
   So then I went to school, where I was just in time for group prayer. I was thankful for Ms. G calling me to join, I would have missed something very special otherwise. So, I stood there linking arms (remember: no hands) with Andy and Adrian. (hey, just thought of something, if you took the first letter from our names in order it would have been A.K.A….weird…) Anywoo, so Kent was already tearing up before anyone had even started talking, and then once it got around to Brandon everyone lost it, even Andy who isn’t even in the cast! Then I got very large hugs from several people, including Brandon, and we remembered laughing at Michael for crying at his last show. I mean we made fun of him alot, so Michael if you’re reading this, Brandon and I didn’t even wince, we toughed it out while everyone cried on our shoulders. I mean come on, would we cry? I don’t think so. So moving on, I was bawling and things were good. I looked like an alcoholic for the last time because I will never again have to fill up Ryan’s bottle. Sat in the pit, watched the judges sit down, no big. Show started.
*Ok, you’re halfway through, quick bathroom break, don’t forget to wash your hands.*
   Fantastic, great, superior, perfect, brilliant, exciting, it was pure happiness stuck on one stage for and hour and ten minutes. Now I was never very gung-ho Joseph, but if my last show had to be Joseph, I’m glad that performance was my last show. There was nothing that I would have changed. I was so proud of everyone, the cast did spectacular, the tech hit all their cues, the lights and sound were stunning, and the band sounded great, especially that percussion section, hehe ;-). The cast was was doing new stuff that was hilarious, I can’t believe how many falls Justin took! It was great!!!! Ok, so that was the show, and like that *snap* it was over. No more. I will never again be in a high school production. To every freshman, sophomore, and junior out there, cherish it while you’re there, because it will never be there again, and dagnabit you too will cry like little babies once you get to your last show! There is nothing else like it and I am so thankful I got to be apart of it. Ok, so enough with the semi-mushy stuff, let’s move on to the stuff that still makes me tear up just remembering it.
   So right after the show ended, since it was the last show of the musical all the seniors were recognized. First tech went, yay tech! And then for the first time the seniors in the orchestra were recognized. Now, it’s never really been done before that someone has performed on stage and then for their last show goes down in the the pit like I did, it’s been the other way around, but hey, dare to be different. I had told a couple of people that one of the things I was really sad about was that I wasn’t going to get a flower because I was down in the pit and one of the people I told was Eric, and I will never ever forget Eric for doing that, I was truly touched that he went out and bought the pit flowers. I was flat out bawling by the time Eric got to my name, I couldn’t hold any of it in. I heard everyone cheer for me when he called my name. Thank you so much!!!!! And yes my eyes are starting to water alittle bit as I’m writing this. So do you get it? I was truly touched ok?!?! I love you guys so much, and I’m going to miss every second of it. I don’t know how to explain it, I was just soooo happy. Then after that, the cast mingled with the crowd, and I received many bear-sized hugs. And then I got served….a bouquet of flowers. It was the most beautiful, biggest bouquet of flowers I’ve ever gotten. Thank you soooooo much Ryan, Adrian, and Brian!!!!! I don’t know if my bursting into tears again clearly expressed my happiness, but thats what I was going for. I love you guys so much, thank you so much for thinking of me!!!! Ok, so thats all the hugging, laughing, and crying in a nut shell.
   Don’t worry people, only alittle more to go, I promise. Come on you’ve lasted this long, don’t wimp out now! Ok, so to end it, the cast party. I did go, but didn’t stay long because I am sick and I needed my sleep. So there was some moving and some grooving, lots of people in the pool and hot tub, and good food. I mainly just mingled for awhile and then hugged Kent for about half and hour or more, very good times. Ended the evening with some karaoke to the Grease sound track. Last song I heard before I left was the “we’ll always be together…” one. Perfect song if I do say so myself. I had a great night! I hope everyone else did too. I’m so proud of the show and I love all of you!!! Geez, if I cried that hard at our last show, I’m going to be such a wreck at graduation!!!!! I love you guys!!!!! Hugs all around! Now congratulations if you actually finished this thing in one sitting. Come and lie with me love!!!!

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  1. Red/Brian

    I originally read this a couple days ago, but I just can’t get over the sheer length.

    I bow to your heightened attention span.

    Comment left on April 8, 2004 @ 11:20 pm

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