Last chance, last dance

Friday 30th April 2004 - 11:47:28 PM

    WOO! Ok, so things are going pretty good right now. As far as all those things that I was stressing out over, almost half are done. Let’s do another quick run-down, shall we?
~college, done and done-er. Going to do gauranteed junior transfer to Davis, so I’m going to be home for two more years. Whoop, whoop! DeAnza!
~English and spanish project done
~CSz done (more on that later)
~Dance competition tomorrow
~MS dances done, just need to teach it to them
~work is work, I go when I go
~Drama banquet in the works, but thats cool cause its fun
~ok, so prom is my only real issue I haven’t dealt with yet
~and hey, i went to the spring fling tonight, so I guess I got to have a life afterall! Really, really liked this dance. Instead of just recognizing two songs from the whole night, there were only two songs that I didn’t recognize. Way to get the white people involved!! Whoop whoop! Hehehe. Prom king = Daniel!!!! Holla!!!
   CSz was good. I’m going to try and not nit-pick the show online, cause it was a good show and I don’t want to take away from that. Was really glad to have Castro there. They’re a good team and really brought the funny. Probably the last time I’ll see them this year though, *tear*. It’s been good knowing you castro valley! I’m sorry our three years of good shows together have to come to an end. Anywayz, so good show, we eventually had a good turnout, over half our audience came late. And what the heck was with making fun of my hair tonight?!?!?! Whatevuah.
   But yeah, I had a good day. Gonna give a shout out to my boy John Ryan DK! Holla! Had fun hanging with you tonight! Alrighty, everybody have a fun weekend! Cya!

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  1. Anonymous

    you’re going to be a superstar one day. Keep that dream in you. You are such a talented young girl. Plus, staying longer with your family is very wise.Thank you for making me want to dance too.
    from an old quaintance.

    Comment left on May 11, 2004 @ 7:19 am

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