Quick update

Monday 26th April 2004 - 12:22:46 AM

Ok, so real quick update here:
~things going better, I’ve been able to scrub off a few of the things written on my fingers
~very excited about drama banquet
~something I always thought never got credit it deserved, during Joseph, after Eric said he didn’t speak egyptian very well, the brothers laughed. That laugh was always perfect, like movie or something perfect. IDK, it just always made me smile
~ COMEDY SPORTZ this friday in the L-building! @ 6 o’clock! Cannot wait!!!
~Going to visit some colleges monday and tuesday, I actually wish I could go to school for the “senior bonding”. IDK, its just a time to chill with friends and NOT take the star test, I’ve been waiting for this day since I was a freshman
~Work going ok, yay Mellissa, I’m very happy for you. Don’t get paranoid, you have something good going, we were just teasin ya and I owe you five bucks.
~Drama Banquet…hehehe, oh yeah… 🙂
~feel alittle better about competition, Jessica’s CD actually really helped, THANKS JESS!!!
~really wanna go to spring fling, worried about lack of friends attending
~I KNOW i had more to write about, I guess it’ll have to wait a few days. Have fun testing or bonding! COMEDY SPORTZ!!!

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