Wednesday 21st April 2004 - 10:18:59 PM

   Ok, so I’m extremely stressed out, freaked out, confused, nervous, unsure, and about any other negative word you can think of. I feel like I’ve started so many projects and the can’t possibly be finished. First of all college, I don’t know where I’m going and have to decide in a week and a half. I’m all set to go to Cal Poly, I even have housing, but there are a few factors holding me back. My other option is SJSU. They both have their pluses and minuses which I don’t feel like writing about right now. In a nutshell, I just have no idea which would benefit me more and that’s why I’m stuck.
   Then there is high school. Who the hell said senior year was easy!!!!! I have so many freaking projects, all due at the same freakin time! I can’t take it anymore! Something has got to be left behind and it’s going to be those damn projects. Which makes me worry about my grades. What if they drop? What if I am no longer eligible to go to the schools I was accepted to? What if I’m just paranoid?
   Then the middle school musical, something I previously believed I had time for, HA! Those poor kids, I’m going to have to make up two more dances (the question is when), teach it to them, and they perform at the end of next month. I just hope they’re up to it.
   Work…is actually not that bad. It just takes up too much damn time. But I enjoy the people, especially Mellissa and Cayite. They hired two new girls, who are best friends and very lazy, I could live without them.
   Dance competition coming up really soon. Really freaked out. My damn ankle just won’t live up to what I know it use to be able to do. Key words “USE TO”. Dammit! Why the hell did I have to get hurt this year?!?! I just don’t want to let everyone else down.
   CSz show coming up APRIL 30th!!!! Be there! PHHS vs. Castro Valley! @ 6 o’clock! Nuttin wrong with it, actually looking forward to it. Just wish I could sit back, let everyone else take care of everything, and just show up on friday and play. It’s just another thing that will take up some more time. Atleast I enjoy it.
   Next is Drama Banquet. I guess Brandon and I are in charge. I am DEFINITELY looking for help on this one!! Seniors who did the plays and stuff HOLLA @CHA GURL!!!!! Help me out! Shoot, I don’t even care if you’re an underclassmen! (Ms. G might, but I don’t)
   Prom, it’s getting close. I don’t have to worry about it right now, but I will soon. It helps that I have the basics: a dress, a date, bids. And if worse comes to worse, who needs shoes or plans for after prom anyway? Right?
   Last but not least, my own damn life! I’ve got to be insane wanting one of those! Family coming into town this weekend, which just makes my working and then burying myself in hw-ness make me feel guilty because I have no time to spend with them. Great.

   When you see me at school, just pretend I’m wearing a “Hugs welcome” sign and do what you think is right.

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  1. Red/Brian

    You think YOU have it rough, I still don’t know where I’ve been accepted. And for me it’s the THIRD (fourth?) TIME I’ve been waiting to see if I’m accepted to a college. Hopefully this will be the last, at least for my undergraduate studies.

    As for the junior high kids, just teach them the hokie pokie and the charleston, nobody will be the wiser.

    As for the ankle troubles, dance on your knees. That’s how real men dance.

    As for the family, get a large smiling cardboard cutout of yourself, put it in front of the tv with a looped recording that says “SHH!! I’m watching SNL.” and then go do your own thing.

    Finally, I think you’d be a lot less stressed if your blog titles didn’t end in exclamation marks so often.

    Comment left on April 22, 2004 @ 11:28 am

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