To be all I can be I suppose

Wednesday 28th April 2004 - 1:12:40 AM

Ok, so I am home now and there was one funny anecdote that I forgot to share before I left. I shall share it with you now.

My Uncle Chris thought of a brilliant way to help me choose my path to follow to my future success. He wrote down my several college options on squares of paper. He then put them all in a tupperware container, impaired my vision, and I picked my future. Apparently, I will be a proud SDSU student with the military as my fall back plan. Not to be left out, my one year old cousin chose a professional career in Comedy Sportz, and my four year old cousin plans to go to Europe to find herself. I can’t help but feel that I chose the short straw. Hehehe, oh well. As for what I really plan to do, I don’t know, but I have til friday to decide. No pressure, right?

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