I’m back

Monday 31st May 2004 - 11:40:22 PM

So after a long hiatus I am back to blog. My comp got a horrible virus and I lost everything, including the site to go to to update this thing. So yes, what’s new? Let’s see, I only have 4 more days of high school left, 3 more finals, 2 more days to learn everything about Hamlet, and one more COMEDY SPORTZ show!!!!!!!!
What else? Prom was perfection, I couldn’t have asked for a better time. Every detail was better than I could have possibly imagined.
Drama Banquet I think turned out quite well, even though some people thought the price was alittle high and the dinner wasn’t worth it. Just to get alittle steam blowing out my ears, well you know what people, those measly seven dollars you paid didn’t just pay for the plate of spaghetti, it also paid for decorations, drinks, trophies, plates, napkins, silverware, and anything else that you saw, used, or ate with while you were there, so stop bitchin’. I worked damn hard on that whole production. But I guess I should just pride myself on the fact that the only thing you didn’t like was paying $7 for a plate of spaghetti. Just wait til you have to put that thing together, you’ll realize we should have charged $10 atleast. But anywayz, Brandon and I had a ball hosting, the cheerleader scene brought the house down, so did Kent’s song, and of course, above all, Sweet Charity. I heard Ms. Kathy was laughing so hard she cried. I just wish I could have watched it. I was running around the whole time and all I know that happened was that I won best actress and Brandon won Dramatist of the year. Over all, good times, it was well worth the stress.
School is ending; I don’t feel ready in anyway shape or form. I didn’t even bring my yearbook to school for the first two days cause I just didn’t feel like it, and now I’ll run out of time and I’ll hit myself in the head for all of summer because of it. Recently I’ve had an over whelming desire to acquire any and all senior portraits, prom pictures, and yearbook signatures, so don’t be shy, any of the previous are welcome. OK, I guess that’s good for now. I’ll be updating more frequently now that I’m using a different comp.
COMEDY SPORTZ!! This Friday, June 4th @ 7:19 in the L-building. Come celebrate four years of laughter! See some veterans!!!! That’s right! Veterans are coming back to play! And most importantly, it’s cheaper than a slice of school pizza, and a piece of pizza just sits there.

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