What? I’m updating again?

Wednesday 4th August 2004 - 11:06:41 PM

Wow, two entries in four days, that’s gotta be a record for me! Dance class was really fun today; it always is when things go right, hehe. Friends are already gone or getting ready to go. I miss Megan, I would love to go visit her, but she’s mighty far, and I have very little spare cash these days. Chris is leaving this weekend, Sarah is leaving next weekend. Carol leaves early September. Shoot, I don’t leave til the end of September! The HS gets starts before I do! Though I’m glad, it would have been REALLY stressful if I had any less time than I already do. Still need to finish my room, then I need to pack my room, plus I want to finish my entire scrapbook, photo albums, and collages before I go. Still need to tell people that I’m going to UC DAVIS!!!! HOLLA! Hahahaha, I found that one person that still thought I was going to cal poly, chris’ little brother!!! I can’t believe I’ve changed schools four times!!! Alrighty, time to go, hope you enjoyed this little treat of an update!

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