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Tuesday 16th November 2004 - 9:00:47 PM

I caught part of the Vagina Monologues the other day on HBO. How the monologues came to be was Eve Ensler started interviewing women of every age and race, asking them about their vaginas. One of the routine questions was “If you’re vagina could talk what two words would it say?” She received multiple answers; slow down, remember me?, oh yeah, etc. A woman between the age of 65 and 70, raised in a time when woman never, ever, talked about their vaginas, I think gave the best response, she said with pure confidence that her vagina would ask, “Where’s Tom?”
Is it just me, or are you curious who this Tom is? Her husband? A summer fling from her early years? Who was this Tom? And why was he so special that a vagina would remember him after all these years?

And PS
What? No comments about my awesome pumpkin? I carved it myself you know.

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  1. Karen

    oh wow! i thought that was just some random picture of a pumpkin…but i am extremely impressed at your pumpkin-carving skills! hey, if i had tried to carve one it probly would have come out a gross mess of pumpkin-ness…you know, guts everywhere, seeds spilled to the wind…tragic…

    (random tidbit…..pumpkin is a surprisingly difficult word to type!)
    (and another…… is “tidbit”…go figure…)

    anyway, miss ya kels! *hugs*

    Comment left on November 28, 2004 @ 8:49 pm

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