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Monday 1st November 2004 - 9:03:47 PM

Sorry folks, don’t actually have anything to say, I’m just updating for the sake of it. Ummm…still living in a dorm, still eating dorm food, still going to class, still have a roommate (why the hell she keeps hanging out in MY room IDK), still nothing exciting going on. Addicted to a couple of new websites, Disney web site and an even more exciting HP site. I’ve been in the door and opened the drawer and now I know something you don’t know! College life has been seriously low key for me so far. But I did carve a pumpkin! For Halloween I watched Old School with the RA and some other people, sorry, no crazy stories here. Well, yup….you people from home need to poke me more often. Hello! You’re lives are not complete without talking to me! Need I remind you?! *sigh* Anywayz, I hope you all had a…

small pumpkin.JPG

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  1. Red/Brian


    I thought it had been carved by gods.

    Comment left on November 18, 2004 @ 3:59 pm

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