School’s out for…winter vacation

Sunday 12th December 2004 - 1:20:03 PM

So, let’s see…what’s new? Well, let’s work backwards. Finals are next week, been doing some studying. Classes are officially over woo! Almost completely done with my first quarter as a college student! Had to say goodbye to all my corky teachers and that one TA that I still can’t decide if it’s a 12 year old boy genius or a girl that just decided to live as a boy. Oh well.
And way before all of that, I saw the PHHS’s Best of Broadway. It was a BLAST! Seeing drama people that had graduated with me and all the people still there. So much hugging and yelling. It was awesome. Not to mention a great show! Shout outs to my favorite, Nathan, shaking his groove thing like I knew he could. Andrew with his very own scene…oh yeah, there were a few other people in it too. Akash…omgosh…Akash, that’s all I have to say. Adrian dancing up a storm as always but this time with tap shoes, holla! John Ryan is now officially bootylicious, Brian was all over the place, and so many other people. It was awesome! Kudos cast and crew. Can’t wait to see you all again in the musical.
So, that’s about it. I’ll probably update again when I’m procrastinating studying for finals. Til then!

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