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Tuesday 15th February 2005 - 1:06:36 AM

I’ve been 19 for a whole hour and six minutes, and my wonderful suitemates couldn’t possibly let me sleep through this momentous event so they were talking about they wonderful, as far as I know fake (but I’ll let you know when I do a real birthday update) present, a stripper. And joking around about how apparently I should get to umm…”use” this present 19 times. The quote of the day goes to Rylie. Enjoy!

“But the stripper only has one.”
“Yeah, but it’s reusable!”

…maybe you had to be there 😉

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  1. Red/Brian

    hahahahaha. I can imagine Riley saying that too.

    HAP PY birthday

    Comment left on February 15, 2005 @ 6:56 am

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