Johnny vs. Will

Wednesday 13th April 2005 - 8:45:49 PM

While getting ready for school one morning, I was listening to the radio and the DJs were doing an interesting poll. They would pick two male celebrities and had people call in saying who they thought was hotter. It was being done championship style where there winner of one poll went on too compete against the winner of another. Now it was getting to about the last three legs of this poll and it was Johnny Depp vs. Will Smith, and I’m listening to this thinking, Will Smith is cute and funny and all, but Johnny would be the slam dunk winner. Imagine my surprise when results were turning out as 50-50. I couldn’t believe it!!! How is Will Smith even getting votes when Johnny is involved?!?! My roommate was just as appalled as I was, so we began polling our friends. My roommate’s friends, well now ex-friends, pulled Will Smith into the lead, but then my sane friends gave Johnny a more appropriate lead.
Personally, I’m still saddened by the fact that Will has more than, say, two votes, but apparently Will has “the whole package”. Whole package my butt, I asked who is SEXIER. I mean come on!!! Look at him!!!
Johnny Depp small.JPG
Here’s my favorite answer my friend gave when I polled him:
CaptainNamo: what? I refuse to put will smith and johnny depp in the same category for competition. They aren’t in the same hot-weight factor. Johnny Depp by a landslide.
(fine, just to be fair, here’s an opinion from the loosing people)
*Bob: depp’s beautiful, but that’s pretty much it…smith gives you the laughs, the cool, and the serious (*sn has been changed to protect the innocent…and I would like to point out a guy said that)
And honorable mention:
Me: Who is sexier Will Smith or Johnny Depp?
DM: chris kattan

(fine print) poll was ended when I felt it was over and so what if I polled my friends that I know are huge Johnny Depp fans

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