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Monday 21st November 2005 - 5:32:57 PM

Ok, so in the past couple of days I’ve wanted to update my blog but haven’t had time to sit my booty down long enough in front of the computer, so this is going to be a couple of blog topics squished into one big blog. Woo!

Ok, so first things first, Birdstrike! WOO! Went FANSTATICALLY! I’m mucho proud. We had a turn out of about 200 hundred people, not bad for our first show. There was too much funny to write it all down, but my favorite joke that I made of the night for some odd, odd reason is my knuckle-nipple pointing out-ness. I don’t know, it just hit my funny bone just right. If you weren’t there, just forget about it. So all in all, yay go us!

Next. I received the cutest compliment EVER the other day. So we did a quick twenty minute improv show at a retirement home (we were one of many acts), it was very clean, very csz, and alot of fun, I kinda wanna do it again. Anywho, we were there waiting for our turn preparing for what we thought would be the longest 20 minutes of our lives, when we saw a good omen; on one of the windows there was an impression of a bird who had smacked into the glass. You could see it so clearly, the head the chest, the wings…it was crazy. Anyway, we did just fine and people laughed. Then when we were leaving an old man passed us in the hallway and looked at me and said “you’re one neat little actress”. It was so cute! But now that I think about it, that old man, passed us in the hallway, damn, that old guy was booking it.

I think I’ll end with HP, though I haven’t seen the movie yet (oh the shame) I will soon, but recently my roommate and I had yet another HP conversation, but it ended with me re-reading my all time favorite HP website. If you have not yet had the pleasure of reading HP and the Prisoner of Azkaban in 15 minutes, I recommend you do so…now Some of my favorite lines include “OMGWTFHEDWIG” because I literally said that while watching the movie. Of course all of the porno lines are good. And “DRAG QUEEN GRANDMA SNAPE: RUNS in my STOCKINGS? FIFTY POINTS FROM GRYFFINDOR!”… Just read it.

Well I suppose that is enough for now. Let it be known that Adrian, Brandon, Gaby, and Sarah are the best. And I soooooooo can’t wait for thanksgiving….and she said “let there be turkey!!!…please”

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