Saturday 12th November 2005 - 2:27:31 PM

So this was just for fun, but man I got some obscure results…
Google your name with the word ‘needs’ after it (in quotes of course) and list the first 10 decent things you need…(not all apply to me..but are interesting)

1. Kelsey needs the biggest reality check of her life.
2. Kelsey needs a technically savy person.
3. Kelsey needs funds to sponsor student participation in archaeological field.
4. Kelsey needs to find a home that will treat her like the little princess she is.
5. Kelsey needs to find a way to trust her heart to the handsome psychiatrist.
6. Kelsey needs constant vigilance. (hahaha straight from the mouth of Mad-eye or what?!)
7. Kelsey needs an attitude adjustment.
8. Kelsey needs a life and should probably start studying for finals.
9. Kelsey needs to have a blog, doncha think?
10. Kelsey needs a little help from Dad to hold this fish up for the camera.

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