Will self destruct in two minutes…

Thursday 15th December 2005 - 7:38:51 PM

I swear that there are tiny me’s in my brain that just realized finals were coming up way to damn soon and one of them cracked, went crazy, and when they (the other little me’s) tried to stop the crazy little me, crazy little me broke free and hit the self destruct button. I SWEAR! Just like in that episode of sponge bob or probably the less remembered Rocko’s Modern Life episode. I have already sprained two arms and today right after my final, I tried to kill my ankle, but I fell on Jon, or he caught me, whatever, and it was saved. But I swear the tiny red self destruct button has been hit and soon I will either electrocute myself when I pull the christmas tree lights out of the wall or I will trip and fall and break the ceramic cereal bowl on my face while I drink the remaining milk out of the bottom while I walk to the sink.

I gotta learn how to deactivate that button.


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  1. Red/Brian


    Comment left on December 16, 2005 @ 11:57 am

  2. James

    Holly B I’m so glad you now have a blog I can stalk haha I love you and I think you are amazingly teteanld and I feel blessed to call you one of my dearest friends and my family photographer!! I look forward to seeing great things on this blog. This is great since I don’t facebook.

    Comment left on December 17, 2015 @ 12:52 am

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