He may have posted first but I got to be lazy

Monday 16th January 2006 - 8:06:41 PM

So, if you’ve checked my brother’s blog recently my post may seem incredibly similar. That’s only because I was going to post the same thing, but he beat me to it. I almost gave up on the post all together but that guilty feeling of I haven’t posted anything in a while brought me back. So I’ve decided to use a short cut instead. When you read the following selection please interchange “Kels” with “Me” and “Me” with “Bro “.

Kels: do you remember TGIF?
Kels: and they had that contest where people were suppose to send in what they though TGIF stood for?

Me: sorta

Kels: and in the commercial the guy from Teen Angel was like I think it means Turkish Guys in Feathers

Me: haha I remember that
Me: it was a horrible show

Kels: come on! he died from eating a hamburger that was under his best friend’s bed. How is that not GENIUS!

Me: Teen Angel is the most morbid concept ever
Me: man dies young, hilarity ensues!

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