Tuesday 28th February 2006 - 3:01:51 AM

I put birdstrike in all caps or all lower case cause I often forget if its one word or two.

Anywho, I got yelled at so here’s a birdstrike update.

YAY BIRDSTRIKE!! We had a good show. And if you missed it, then it was a FANTASTIC show, and I hate you forever for missing it.
Gee, I don’t know to say. If you went I hope you had a good time. If you missed it, Greg’s mom told my mom I was a great cow. I hope that helps you realize what an awesome event you missed and you won’t miss the next one.
Anywayz, I had so much fun doing it. I was wearing the cutest shoes. And I love Adrian and Sarah for making the long drive. And I love my Davis friends who were able to make it.

There, I did a birdstrike update, stop yelling.

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  1. Sarah

    … WOOT.. i saw your cow skills.. haha.. great cow.. and yes.. we did drive along way.. btw he never chips in for gas.. jeez :-p hahahah whatever.. anwaysy.. just wanted to say GOOD SHOW and *HUG

    Comment left on March 6, 2006 @ 4:03 am

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