It’s muh burfday no mo’

Wednesday 22nd February 2006 - 2:18:46 AM

Yay for a fantastic burfday. I way felt the love. And thanks to the internet I got ridiculous amounts of “happy birthday!”s. Thank you myspace and youre birthday icons. Anywayz, as a quick recap here and kinda as a thanks, some pics. Enjoy.

Bday celebration numero uno con mis roommates.

B-day celebration numero dos con mis amigos de San Jo. ¬°Gracias Brandon!

I don’t have a pic of my third b-day celebration, but yay for parents, presents, and pie.

B-day celebration numero 4 con mis amigos de Davis with absurd amounts of cake.

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  1. rachel

    Happy belated birthday!

    and i am SO coming to your comedy gig tonight!

    Comment left on February 24, 2006 @ 5:28 pm

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