Pop Tarts

Tuesday 21st March 2006 - 5:18:10 PM

So the other night, for no reason at all I started to think about pop tarts. How on earth were they ever considered a breakfast food? Freakin’ everyone has “frosted” in its name. But whateve. Anywayz, so I started thinking about the good ‘ole days when pop tarts first came out. Personally I enjoyed a good smores pop tart, but frosted brown sugar cinnamon was more of an everyday sort of thing. Smores was a once in a while thing. I remember bright and early, getting ready for school, putting my pop tart in the toaster and when it was done I would grab a small plate with the raised edges on it, and I would put that pop tart on top and karate chop it so it would break in half and therefore cool faster. Mmmm… Good times with pop tarts. I also remember being quite fond of Paula Poudstone‘s standup routine because she had a bit about pop tarts, and how you use to have to eat two at a time cause once you opened the package you couldn’t just leave the other one there to go stale. I think I may have to go buy some pop tarts.
Oh, and the answer to your question, yes. Yes, I am suppose to be studying for my final.

Update: apparently pop tarts have been around since my dad was a kid. go figure.

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