A kids movie….NOT!!

Wednesday 5th April 2006 - 1:16:54 AM

So I came to an interesting realization tonight. But I’m not just going to tell you, let’s have alittle atmosphere first.
So after a swell night of watching improv that is way too darn far away (a troupe called Rats in the Alley, good guys, check em out), my roomies and I came home and I fixed myself some dinner. Now you can’t just eat in the quiet, that’s just sad, so I pop in good ole Wayne’s World to keep me company.
Now stay with me, I’m gonna jump topics here. But trust me, these things will eventually meet. So I have a cousin Bella who is about to turn seven. Now I love her to death, but she creeps me out because I have ridiculously clear memories from that age. I’m serious, I remember ALOT. Sometimes I think that’s why I have such a bad memory now. The old stuff won’t leave and make room for the new stuff. So now everytime I’m around her I’m like I can’t screw up cause she’s gonna remember it! I gotta be freakin’ cool all the time (cause that’s how I want her to remember me duh). But she’s like a little girl. Seven isn’t a very old age. I mean Kim Possible is her hero. A cheerleader by day, an on call karate master, whose friend is a naked mole rat. Gah, she’s, barely, not a baby.
So now one of the ridiculously clear memories I have: I remember being at our old house neighbor’s house dancing around his livingroom singing to Bohemian Rhapsody because we had heard it in one of our new favorite movies, Wayne’s World. But the thing is, we moved when I was pretty little. I was seven. So if we were at my old house and I had already seen Wayne’s World. WHAT THE HELL WAS A SEVEN YEAR OLD WATCHING WAYNE’S WORLD FOR?!?!? I mean, I didn’t understand 90% of the movie, but still.
I guess what I’m trying to say is, Uncle C & Aunt Y, the next time I come over, warm up the DVD player, and sit the kids down cause we’re all watching Wayne’s World. Cause if I was mature enough to watch Wayne’s World, hell, Bella sure is.

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  1. Administrator

    briandoylemurphy says what?

    I just figured out that Noah (of Noah’s arcade) is Bill Murray’s brother. Oh silly me.

    Things that bella will never get:
    the fact that Meatloaf is the bouncer at the gaslighter
    “The Shitty Beatles”
    What the hell garth’s car is.
    Why it’s amusing that the donut store owner is Ed, from married w/children.
    Creme of Sum Yun Guy
    and most importantly…..
    The fact that this movie is 15 years old

    Comment left on April 5, 2006 @ 10:07 am

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