Squirrel run-in #2

Tuesday 11th April 2006 - 1:40:12 AM

So I was biking home and I got to the part of the ride where you’ve got to build up speed to get up the big ass hill right?Then right when I’m at the point where the big hill is about to start, two squirrels dart out and stop directly in my path. Ok, so one squirrel, fine, maybe I could dart around it and still keep my momentum. But no, there were two and they spread themselves out so that my only choice was to squeeze my brakes really hard, and I stopped just in time. Now, I’m suspicious. Why two squirrels? At this point I’m starting to question if click-click and squeakers (the two squirrels from my previous entry) are looking for revenge. Well hear me squirrels, I am ready for you. I will wear you as a hat if I have to.

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