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Saturday 6th May 2006 - 2:11:14 AM

Today I filmed my AXE commercial for my dra 170 class. Filming went very well if I do say so myself and I’m kinda excited to edit. I plan on getting the video up on here when it’s completed, which won’t be for a while so don’t hold your breath. My two favorite quotes came from the quiet, nerdy, in an adorable way, guy in my group:
(while filming the molesting the mailbox scene)
Quiet guy: Today that mailbox becomes a mailman.
(while filming the innocent highschool kid gets molested by nerdy girl scene)
Me: Ok, so your reaction is “OMG, I’m being touched by a girl and you have an asthma attack because this has never happened before.”
QG: Ok so this is method acting.

Good times.

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