Thursday 18th May 2006 - 12:13:09 PM

I’m on YouTube! Yay! Ok, it’s not that exciting. But kinda amusing. I’m working on a show right now called Man of La Mancha, but we’re doing it with puppets. Mostly I work Don Quixote’s feet, but I’m also a muleteer, and a couple of random right arms. Anywho, recently someone in our cast go a new camera that records video. To test out his new camera he recorded the rape scene. Don’t worry, it’s only puppet rape. I will admit, it was like the twelfth time we ran it that night and so tension was kinda gone, and then sillyness had kinda set in, plus we didn’t know he was filming. You can watch here. Oh, sidenote, Rob’s puppet is missing it’s face, a ‘T’ isn’t actually going to rape Aldonza.
But wait! There’s more. I don’t really know who would care at this point because I’m not in the next video, but hey, maybe you are really stalkerish and wanna know who I hang out with every night of the week. So another video was taken, but this time it was of the people behind the people who were performing. I was busy being the right arm of a puppet during a song and the kids who had nothing to do started mocking the song. It’s pretty funny, and awkwardly enough, more offensive than the rape. But if you really wanna watch the video and connect it to me somehow, when Rob, the guy in the middle, makes a motion for someone to turn back around, he’s motioning to me. Watch it here.

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