Happy Educational Halloween!

Tuesday 31st October 2006 - 12:36:14 AM

I wish I had been smarter in grade school and picked science projects that actually matter.
I remember doing one project that my mom helped me put together like the night before it was due. It was a fountain in bottle. I won a prize for regurgitating my mom’s explaination to the judges.
I wish I had picked something that could have been useful in the future. For example: quietest candy bar wrapper. When will fountain in a bottle ever come in handy? But quietest candy bar wrapper, then you’d know what food to sneak when you’re trying to be quiet.
I created my hypothesis today in class. I think the quietest candy bar wrapper is the Butterfinger wrapper. Why you ask? Because I snuck a fun size Butterfinger and was truely surprised by how quiet the wrapper was. Even more so, it’s a quiet candy to eat. There is no carmel mess or nuts to crunch. It’s a melt in your mouth delicious candy with a quiet wrapper.
Now I don’t wanna push my findings without doing the proper research first. But I wish I had done the scientific method back in the day and had the answer with me all along. Plus I would have gotten to eat a crap load of candy when my metabolism was so fast it wouldn’t have mattered.
Atleast I can do this experiment when there’s plenty of free candy running around.
Yay for science! 🙂

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  1. Unknown

    I disavow all knowledge of fountains in bottles. I don’t recall doing any experiment concerning fountains or bottles. It must have come out of a book. I did not help my child with any of her homework, she did it all by herself.

    Comment left on October 31, 2006 @ 1:37 am

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