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Friday 17th November 2006 - 3:48:46 PM

The holidays are quickly approaching and its time to start thinking of gift giving.
Quite some time ago I thought of a gift for my grandparents, a picture of all the grandkids together. Now that my hair has grown out and the youngest grandbaby is enough of a person the plan is finally being put into action. Somehow all seven grandchildren and atleast three adults are sneaking out of the house during thanksgiving to go take the picture and won’t be noticed missing or missed. Yeah. Right. Oh, and I forgot to mention we will all be dressed wearing the same thing. So you have atleast 10 people sneaking out of a house, 5 of which are children and totally understand the meaning of “quiet”, wearing identical clothing without being noticed. Yeah. Right. I mean I know grandparents are old and if we steal their glasses or go during nap time we should be fine, but still.
But back to the identical clothing. So it’s been agreed that we will all wear white shirts and jeans. Basically the easiest thing. The easiest boringest thing. So I said to myself “Hey, you can’t criticize the solution if you have no alternative option.”
So I started thinking. What if we have shirts with iron on numbers in order of birth; 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc. Cutesy gift getting cutesier, love it. Then I thought, what about that childhood rhyme…we could put the other half of the saying on the back. Just hear me out for a second….

My Bro= 1st the worst
Me= 2nd the best
Bella= 3rd the nerd
4th-7th apparently don’t matter cause that’s where variation in versions come in.

I’m not saying that my bro is the worst or that Bella is nerdy…. I’m just saying that Playground Law might still apply.

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  1. Brian

    I’m wearing camoflauge.

    Comment left on November 17, 2006 @ 6:45 pm

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