My bro has huge crystal balls

Thursday 8th February 2007 - 2:08:11 AM

With my 21st burfday quickly approaching my brother has made a prediction for the illustrous night…

“Details are as follows:
– Your friends and I try to get you to drink, you say no. We become
more insistent, as do you.
– Once it’s obvious you’re a bit pissed, we say (ever so slyly) “Ok
then, how about some hot chocolate?” You agree. Your friends spike
your hot-chalk with Bailey’s.
– 10 shots of tequilla later you’re standing on top of your
roommate’s face singing the Wayne’s World version of Bohemian Rapsody
and trying to imitate all 5 people in the car simultaneously.
– You pass out and your friends write every line Bruce McCulloch ever
spoke in Kids in the Hall down on your body.
– Everyone collapses on the floor.
– It is now 5:30pm, and still light outside.
The end.”

Any other predictions?

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